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Steph is Translucent

Steph amplifies all my best qualities and makes me funnier, better looking and a better player. I enjoy playing with her and would do so any time.

Jess Tylor

Brett Creemer

Ability to Connect with People

Working with Steph Jackson has been great. There are lots of people with technical skills and knowledge but Steph’s ability to connect with people and create a shared sense of excitement in a musical performance sets her apart.

Jess Tylor

Dr. Daniel J Weeks CFRM, B.A.(hon), M.Sc., PhD, FNAK

A Pleasure to Work and Travel With

Playing with Steph is such joy! She truly listens to the music and adds soulful vocals and instrumentation that amplify the song and the other players. Not only is she a gifted accompanist but she also flows seamlessly into the role of music director and is able to arrange, direct, and play, sometimes all at the same time. She is a pleasure to work and travel with.

Jess Tylor

Lauren Mann

Steph brings her expertise and musicality to every situation

Steph is a dedicated, professional and extraordinarily talented musician. Whether performing live, directing ensembles or teaching music, Steph always brings her expertise and musicality to every situation. I have had the good fortune of performing in several concerts with her over the last few years and it is always an enriching experience

Jess Tylor

Tim Charman