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Conducting and Directing

Youth Choir

I enjoyed working with this group so much, they had excellent teamwork and over our three years together each member of the youth choir has grown in confidence and ability. We are now a strong group of singers, many of whom have graduated. I enjoy looking back at this first concert together. What I like most is that almost everyone took a solo and I can look back on these and see how far we've come.

Youth Choir Arranging

I have worked on dozens of arrangements for this group over the years but this moment really stood out for me as I was able to take a song request and incorporate it into the adult choir concert with over a hundred people singing princess songs. So fun.

Community Choir Arranging

I arranged this song written by Lauren Mann for the community choir. I have worked with several of her songs in choir settings and especially appreciated the range of this song and the way it builds, especially with the voices in the group.

Community Choir Performances

This is a selection of some of our favourite pieces from the past few years, beginner to intermediate, all levels of musical experience and training. Community choir is such a great opportunity to test out singing in different genres and meet new people while working on essential musical skills. To find out more about the Pender Island Community Choir you can find out more HERE

Bridge Over Troubled Water was from our first concert together and it warms my heart to look back on it.  I am proud of how tight we were even in the beginning and how much fun we had just a short two months after starting to work together.

Gota was such a fun song to sing and I enjoyed working with the time signatures and vocalizing syllables

Seal Lullaby has always been a favourite of mine and I was moved each time this choir performed this piece.

City Soul Choir

I was fortunate to study with Brian Tate and learn from him through apprentice conducting in the City Soul Choir. When he moved away we put together a little farewell presentation for him which I was happy to conduct.  I am so grateful to all of my wonderful teachers and will never cease to show that gratitude.  I hope you have a good laugh watching how much energy I give to the group and then in contrast how fast I run away at the end of the song.  I always enjoy Brian Tate's composition, Overflowing.

From the very beginning of the year, I was able to witness Ms. Jackson develop strong positive relationships with her students. Her lessons were well planned, interesting and challenging. Her students loved attending her courses and worked hard to perform at high standards for her.

- Marco Menendez, Principal

Professionalism, program development and management are all at mastery level. Steph is a very caring person and as a result, has developed a strong bond with her singers both young and old. She collaborates fully with her fellow musicians in a highly professional manner and never ceases to admit her rare mistakes in a humorous way or make light of others' mistakes.

- George Ravenscroft, Choir Board Member

Stephanie is a fantastic musician with a very creative approach.  From composing to arranging and organizing and mustering, whatever Steph is putting together, it is 100% well done.

- Lyn Cooper, Parent

Community Jazz Band

I have looked so forward to doing a Christmas Concert with the Jazz band this year or some community dances but alas, Covid. In the interest of keeping each other safe we are on pause right now until gatherings are safer.

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