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Music is more than communication and connection; it is an experience that can never be recaptured or recreated, a moment in time and sound that binds us

I believe enjoyment in music comes from the intrinsic value of the music itself because music is essential to the human experience. It lifts you up, connects you to others and can only be experienced in the moment.

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  • (250) 882 7702

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  • North Vancouver, BC

    Pender Island, BC

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  • Insta: stephjackson_music

    Solo Pop Set
    Jazz Solo or Quartet Set
    Extended Pop Repertoire
    More Repertoire
    More Repertoire
    Extended Jazz Repertoire

    Ain't No Sunshine

    My Girl

    Killing Me Softly

    For What It's Worth


    Beat It


    Let's Stay Together

    Black Magic Woman

    Use Me





    Gimme One Reason

    Natural Woman

    How Sweet it Is

    At Last

    Listen to the Music

    Sir Duke

    Can't Hurry Love

    Proud Mary

    9 to 5

    Message in a Bottle

    Higher Love

    Back to Black

    The Winner Takes it All

    These Boots are Made for Walking


    Stand By Me

    I Will Survive

    Happy Together

    If I Ain't Got You

    Just the Two of Us

    What's Going On

    Circle of Life

    Lean on Me

    Wrecking Ball

    I Want You Back

    Time After Time

    Crazy Train

    You Learn

    Piece of My Heart

    All About That Bass

    Tennessee Whiskey

    Throw it Away


    I would love to work with you

    Arrangements for YOUR ensemble

    I love to customize these for you and your group. I enjoy arranging in pop, folk, bluegrass and jazz styles for various instruments/voices.

    Accompaniment for solo projects

    I would love to work with you to make your project exactly the way you want it. I can easily adjust to your needs.

    Choral Conducting

    I enjoy working in the contemporary, classical, gospel and jazz genres.

    Workshops and Camps

    I especially enjoy 2-3 day transformative workshops and camps or workshop series. Music immersion changes lives!

    Choral Accompaniment

    I especially enjoy accompanying community choirs. With my ears on the group and my eyes on you I can elevate your ensemble.

    Jazz and Concert Band

    I can help your band members develop the skills they need to tackle the complex tunes they want to play.

    Get My Help with Your Choir or Ensemble

    Current Projects

    Hayley Wallis

    I am working with the Bright Futures Band supporting BC artist, Hayley Wallis. Her newly released song, Coffee Cup recently rose to #1 on the Sirius FM charts. She is part of the Kitasoo/Xais’xais Nation, originally from Klemtu. She sings for herself, for her children and for her people and hopes to set an example that will empower the young generation of her community to pursue their dreams. Check out her new releases at hayleywallismusic.com

    Pender Island Community Choir

    Sabrina Werbowski is directing the Pender Island Community Choir this semester and next. It is going fantastically well. I miss this group of singers but am enjoying my time in Vancouver, hoping to create another choral group because there is nothing like choir! If you have a chance to support the Pender choir in their performances please check them out.

    Samuel Jones's Bright Future

    Blending elements of jazz, soul, hip hop, improvisation, progressive and psychedelic rock, Sam creates colorful music that is uniquely his. He has travelled extensively and is one of the most prolific people I know, working around his day job as an astrophysicist he manages to write new music that just keeps getting better, groovier and more interesting. Check out Sam's work at samueljones.win.

    24 Strings

    Deborah Carter, Tim Charman and I play a diverse array of instantly recognizable music. From country to Rnb and everything in between, with three part harmony and a collection of instruments we have a lot of fun and there is always variety. Deb is engaging and our shows are always fun. 24strings.com

    Spalding Rhodes Duo

    Tim Charman and I busk and play acoustic sets together. I love singing in harmony with him and whenever possible, playing tiny instruments. Tim is a multi-instrumentalist and a great bass player, check out his work at timcharman.com

    Solo Work

    Playing solo piano or guitar with or without vocals, I have a comfortable repertoire of over four hundred pop tunes and jazz standards that I enjoy. I enjoy working with trios and duos, playing diverse music in a variety of settings from dance band to piano bar.

    Tim Johnson Quartet

    I enjoy Tim's writing and I love playing his tunes. I enjoy his humour and playing his "gut busters" with "greasy" grooves. The laughs never stop. Some of my favourites are Worm Farm, Me and You, Emergence and Warm Spring You.

    Steph Jackson Quartet

    With drums, bass and horns we would love to come out and help with your next event. See above for some set lists. I love playing a combination of fusion, trad jazz and pop/funk tunes in this format.


    I am playing with my friend Gord Robert in his band, Hydrasonic. We play jazz and fusion with vocalist Nina Haukka, tenor saxophonist Rhonda Kuiper and bassist Kenn Nakamine.

    Recent Projects

    Pender Island Jazz Band

    I enjoyed working with these musicians from Pender island. With a full rhythm section, woodwinds and some brass they are dedicated musicians of all levels, most of them multi-instrumentalists. After my moving away from Pender they continue to play.  You can hear them at community events and concerts.

    Lauren Mann

    Lauren Mann is a musician, song writer and creative director from Pender Island, BC. I recently worked with her on a tour across Canada and in some of the recordings on her latest album, Memory and Desire. Check out her music at laurenmannmusic.com.

    Brett Creemer

    I continue to sub in and support Brett in a variety of contexts including his new project, Letters & Text and Bonfire Ballerina. Brett writes quirky, beautiful music and plays gypsy jazz and pop, always arranged to surprise and delight. Brett is always musical and endlessly entertaining.


    I want to encourage in others a deep, intrinsic love of music, to encourage understanding between peoples and musics and to instil a love of learning and enthusiasm for holistic musicianship. I believe in learning musics in cultural contexts and in setting students and ensemble participants up for success through positive performance experiences.  

    Music speaks directly to the amygdala, the emotional centre of the brain, and is able to communicate more clearly in the spiritual and emotional language than words in any tongue. We have a shared human experience and unlike the other arts that are made to be looked at, music pulls us in and brings us all together for a fleeting moment which may be, just may be enough to change hearts and minds.

    I have been leading and coaching music for over twenty-five years from lessons to summer camps and K-12 school settings. I hold two post-graduate degrees in music education with a major in jazz studies on guitar. I will always learn and grow my credentials and experience. My focus has been mainly on jazz guitar, piano accompaniment, band and choral ensembles. I especially enjoy local and world musics, collaborating to develop greater musical, spiritual and cultural understandings that break down walls and bring communities together.

    Musical Services


    I customize arrangements for unique ensembles. If you can't find the arrangement you are looking for I can help you. I especially enjoy arranging in jazz and contemporary idioms. I love arranging for choral and instrumental ensembles at all levels, considering the unique needs of your group.


    I enjoy supporting roles where I can use my ear to respond to you in the moment, fill in spaces and create the feel that you want. I am comfortable improvising and sight reading on piano and guitar and have a working playing knowledge of several other instruments in the strings, percussion, woodwind and brass families.


    I deeply value my work with a variety of choral ensembles, auditioned and community choirs. I welcome new experiences with different groups. I enjoy the expressive qualities of the human voice, across genres from classical to contemporary classical, jazz and gospel.


    I love hosting workshops focused on approaching improvisation on standard tunes, jazz analysis and playing lines by thinking harmonically rather than being locked into patterns. I love customizing workshop content for your band or ensemble in my Pender studio, North Vancouver or in your choice of venue. Contact me to inquire about small group vocal workshops ongoing and occasional large group instrumental workshops.

    Private Lessons

    You can learn what you need to play the songs YOU want. Whatever your goal I can make a clear, straight path through the skills and techniques you will need to acquire to get there on piano, guitar or voice. I especially enjoy working with classical and contemporary piano, jazz guitar and voice in all styles. I am not taking students now but have some great recommendations for teachers if you are interested.


    I love accompanying choirs and small ensembles. I enjoy leading sectional practices and supporting vocal communities.  I would love to work with your ensemble and make you sound great!

    Stay in Touch

    I would love to help with your next personal or community musical project. Until then, keep in touch and I will only send you information about projects that are musically innovative, full of heart and worth supporting.