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Functional Probiotics Foundations: Step-by-Step
Solutions for Practitioners



At some point, each of your client’s problems
come down to digestion

You wish you could just hand them a bristol stool chart and a diet journal and they’d get better
You know if your clients aren’t digesting their food they will be nutrient depleted
You suspect your clients’ microflora lacks diversity and “good” bacteria
You know the connection between leaky gut and autoimmunity

How would it feel to look your clients in the eye and say “We’ve got this”

  • To know in your heart that you have a proven system
  • To always have a backup plan
  • To understand so deeply how bacteria and digestion interact that you can think on your feet
  • To be able to effortlessly adapt to your sensitive clients needs
  • To be able to answer your clients questions with confidence
  • To be truly authentic in your enrolment conversations because you know deep down that you
    have tools and resources that can change your clients’ lives

If complex digestive cases give you butterflies in your stomach I’ve got your back

Functional Probiotics Foundations: Solutions for Practitioners
is the Detangling Spray for Digestive Distress

I give you my system for understanding and resolving microbial imbalances of the digestive tract, the same system that I used for developing Core Reset and customizing digestive programs for each of my clients

Functional Probiotics Foundations has 5 units. In each of the units you will find done-for-you resources, client assessments
and questionnaires, bacterial monographs and solutions that you can customize for your clients.

Let’s take a look inside the program

Unit 1

In the Beginning

  • 1Key questions to ask your clients to get to the root causes confidently and compassionately

    2Three things to add to your history questionnaire to uncover sources of opportunistic bacteria

    3Done-for-you checklists so that you can be thorough and professional

    4Done-for-you client questionnaires so that you can get the information you need up-front

    5Interpreting the diet diary for the micro biome so that you can better trouble shoot what is going on behind the food intolerances

  • 1Which testing to use and when so that you can save your clients money

    2The most common bacteria and yeasts likely to be found on each test so you can know what to expect

    3Interpreting the Ubiome test – is it useful?

    4When to test for leaky gut

    5When to test for food allergies

  • 1Thyroid hormones and digestion – what is the connection?

    2Depression and digestion – what are reasonable expectations?

    3Exercise, posture and digestion – learn the connections so that you can better make the connections for your clients

    4Water and digestion – be able to really nail the lifestyle piece so the people you work with can see its importance

    5Sleep and digestion – how does sleep affect the micro biome and how to talk to your clients about it

    6Nervous system and digestion – was it the chicken or the egg? What to do first…

Unit 2

Bacteria Hijacking Your Clients’ Digestion

  • 1C. Diffic




    5E. Coli


    7More – learn about the metabolism of these bacteria and who their friends are so that you can create step-by-step plans for your clients

  • 1Which bacteria live in the small intestine

    2Which bacteria live in the large intestine

    3How different are we all really?

    4Those most likely involved in SIBO

    5When are the bad guys good enough? How to love the bugs you’re with and work from where your clients start

    6When to do which types of testing, when do you really need to know?

  • 1Know which bacteria are affected by which interventions so that you can resolve imbalances left behind by herbs, pharmaceuticals and other “anti”-bacterials

    2Learn why some bacteria survive antibiotics and others don’t so that your clients can understand WHY rebuilding the gut is so important

    3Antibiotics – are they really so bad?

    4Strategies for antibiotic resistant bugs

    5Important considerations regarding herbs, essential oils, pharmaceuticals, tinctures and more so that you can reduce the risk for your clients

Unit 3

Yeasts Yanking Your Clients’ Chains

  • 1Candida albicans – know why the diet doesn’t work and what is missing

    2Cryptococcus neoformans – what even is this anyway?

    3Penicillium Marneffei – learn about this and some other yeasts that may feel like Candida in the body but not show up on tests so that you can ask the right questions to avoid missing them

  • 1Yeasts in the environment – Discover sources of yeast in your clients’ environment that could be keeping them feeling low even though they have changed their diets

    2Yeasts in food – Find out why your clients react to some yeasty foods and whether avoiding mushrooms and nutritional yeast is actually a good idea

    3Yeasts in the body – Find out if they really travel around the body and what to do about it

    4Yeasts and Fungi – Find out if there is a difference and what the difference is

  • 1Biofilm disruption 101 – Learn the easiest ways to deal with unhealthy biofilms to give your clients simple solutions

    2Chitin – What’s that then?

    3Herbal and Prescription Antifungals – Find out which ones work the quickest and which are the safest so that you can help your clients choose in as customized a way as possible

    4Heavy metals – Learn the connection between metals and Candida and how to gently balance

    5Minerals and Candida – Find out which minerals your clients really need and what they are missing

Unit 4

Notorious Troublemakers

  • 1Cryptosporidium


    3H. Pylori

    4D. Fragilis

    5B. Hominis

  • 1Ideal Digestive Environments – Discover some of the underlying physical causes of digestive imbalance

    2Organ Interactions – Discover which imbalances result from which weaknesses in the digestive tract

    3Exposures – Discover where your clients most likely encountered their unhappy bugs and how to help them avoid further exposure

    4Genetics and mucosal immunity – Learn how genetics can affect our digestive mucosa and how that interacts with three key families of digestive bacteria

  • 1Learn when to deal with parasites and when to let them deal with themselves

    2Combining parasitic and bacterial protocols, how to keep things simple

    3Parasite Pitfalls – Learn the weaknesses of parasites and also the dangers of ongoing parasite cleanses to help your client make informed choices

    4Specific Strategies – from the quick and dirty to the boutique, what are the real differences between parasite products

Unit 5

Putting it All Together

  • 1Leveraging your efforts

    2Considerations for your client – learn the simplest, gentlest approaches as well as the strongest ones so that you can work with the willingness of different people

    3Order of interventions – Learn how to leverage your efforts to make things easier for the people you work with

    4Order of interventions for high sensitivity – learn what to do when clients are very sensitive so that you can minimize detoxification symptoms

  • 1A real life case #1

  • 2A real life case #2

  • 15 Digestive experts

    2Raw vegan to paleo





    7Western medicine

    8Eastern medicine

    9This is not a showdown but a supportive syndicate integrating the best of all approaches to
    achieve a truly holistic perspective

To ensure your success integrating Functional Probiotics
Foundations into your practice you will also receive:

5 monthly content clarity calls with me
  • Ask me anything about the modules so that you can get absolutely clear on the concepts and be ready to implement them with your clients
  • Geek out on the Gut Bugs – come on it’s awesome!
  • Get to know your colleagues and friends at the dawn of a revolution in health care
  • Get 1 on 1 coaching and strategies – this is a great opportunity to speak directly and an excellent alternative to private coaching

3 months membership in the Functional Probiotic Syndicate

  • The Gut Guild, upholding our standards of practice – you get to join now at the beginning so that you get a say in defining our ethics and principles
  • A chance to review up to date studies with your colleagues
  • Monthly calls including case studies and article/book reviews and recordings if you cannot make it live
  • Guest presenters (to be announced)
  • Open to Functional Probiotics Foundations graduates only
  • A chance to present case studies to the group
  • This is intended to be a union of equals under my leadership run as democratically as is practicable
  • Shared community on Facebook for all Functional Probiotics students and practitioners
Digestive Herbal – Body, Mind, Spirit and Symbionts
  • Reference for practitioners of the most commonly used herbal supplements and their effects on the digestive tract through the microbiome, body, mind and spirit.
  • All herbs will have a physical effect directly on the digestive tract. Many practitioners choose herbs alopathically for their effects on other systems in their clients’ bodies. Many practitioners choose herbs for their energetic qualities to work synergistically with the body. Many clients are already using one herb or another regularly. Since most herbal delivery systems involve the herb being processed digestively (even in the mouth, which is part of the digestive system), herbs will have a physical effect on digestion in some way. Digestion impacts all systems in the body. It is important to understand the physical results of consuming common herbs and foods so that you can avoid unwanted outcomes.
  • Emotional and energetic properties of herbs can affect digestion indirectly as well. If your client’s number one complaint is gas and bloating and their number two complaint is exhaustion you may want to leave that Ashwaghanda on the helf. And the Maca too while you’re at it.
There Will be No Facebook Group Specific to This Program
You’re Welcome


Yes! I want to know more to sign up for Functional Probiotics Foundations



“I love working with Steph and sometimes call her to confer about clients’ persistent digestive issues or for the latest news about the microbiome because I value her opinion. Steph has researched this topic more deeply than anyone else I know, and because her approach and her knowledge is so valuable to me I’ve invited her to speak at my live events and entrusted the care of several of my clients to her “

Dr Ritamarie

This Program Has the Ability to Transform Your
Services, and Ultimately, Your Clients

Before You Register for Functional Probiotics
Foundations There are a Few Things We Need to Get Straight:

  1. You will not succeed by simply taking my system and copying it. You will only succeed by entwining these new learnings into YOUR PERSPECTIVE and YOUR KNOWLEDGE because that is what your clients need
  2. You will need support to integrate these new learnings, they’re not just to keep you busy
  3. Functional Probiotics Foundations teaches you a framework through which you can understand bacterial and fungal imbalances so that as new information comes to light you will have a strong conceptual understanding and fluency with digestive bacteria no matter what!
  4. This field is constantly growing and evolving – hence the Functional Probiotics Syndicate to keep updated in the latest developments in the field, to share experiences and knowledge and to refer clients when one of us is full
  5. It takes time to learn and integrate new skills
  6. I will not teach you WHAT to think but HOW to think so that you can problem solve with probiotics
  7. I did not create this program for you to do something fun. I created this program for you to implement these strategies and resources with your clients as soon as possible

My Name is Steph and I Need You

I am not writing to you from behind a desk. I am writing to you from the real world where I have a waiting list practice of clients waiting for solutions. They have gone to the specialty clinics. They have followed the instructions of their medical practitioners. Many have paid thousands of dollars to find solutions and are still searching.

Many people have almost lost hope after years of searching for solutions. The saddest part for me is to know that the solutions are out there. I truly believe there is a solution for everything but it takes time to get to know each person 1-1 to really get to the root causes.

Solutions require listening, patience and perspective. Solutions require getting to know our clients, getting to know their environment within, getting to know their surroundings and history. Solutions require understanding the physical body, emotional body, the spiritual body. Solutions require biochemistry. Sometimes the answers are easy … from a certain point of view. And each of ours is unique.

I don’t have answers for some people that call me up. Maybe you do.

My Vision:

  • Yoga and its effects on probiotic bacteria
  • Laughter and its effects on probiotic bacteria
  • Probiotic solutions for IBS
  • Bacteria and the Brain
  • Bacteria and Love Relationships
  • Bacteria and Twins
  • Mother-daughter Bacteria
  • Healing Sjorgens through the microbiome
  • Raw food and probiotics
  • Wild food and probiotics
  • Street food and probiotics
  • YOUR specialty + probiotics
  • Bacterial Product Development

The environment interacts with our microbiome and there is much work to be done. You can add something of value here.

I’ve shared my dream with you so that you can see WHY I am
doing this. Now check out my other WHY, our clients:

“As a Personal Trainer and Functional Nutrition Coach, I still struggled with bloating and food intolerance. Enrolling in the Core Reset Home Learning program enabled me to really dig deeper to discover the root cause of my digestive issues. Steph’s expertise, along with the weekly module content and questionnaires, helped me to discover that the H. Pylori test run by my doctor actually yielded a false negative result. My body has responded wonderfully to the diet, recipes, and healing protocols Steph recommends for H. Pylori in the CRHL program. ”

Jan Chamberlain

Steph Jackson is a treasure! She is the master of all things bacterial, but with a wonderful twist. She doesn’t see them as the enemy to be conquered, but a part of us to be understood. Through her own learning, she has found ways to work with not only our microbes, but seeing how this relates to who we are as human beings. This is why I call her The Gut Whisperer.

Lynn DeBuhr Johnson


Yes! I want to know more to sign up for Functional Probiotics Foundations



Functional Probiotics Foundations – Solutions for Practitioners

“If you want to get to the bottom of your health issues, you really need to check out Steph Jackson’s work. She can help you understand how these challenges can be related to imbalances in certain bacteria & how to remedy this. What makes her approach distinct is she helps you identify what issues are unique to your Microbiome. Two people might have similar health conditions, but different bacterial imbalances in their systems & thus each require a different solution to regain their health. I know I want to be working with someone who can zero in on that difference and can get to the bottom of things quickly!”

Michalene Casey

If you want to know the deets on the microbiome, then Steph Jackson is your go-to-girl. She knows the critters that live amongst us and is the most knowledgeable teacher I have come across to both identify who’s take over in there and how to put them back in their place… or head ’em out and move ’em on. From her own personal experience and ongoing in depth study of this very central part of our body in our gut, she knows and generously shares more than any health professional that is termed “an expert” of which I have listened to many.

Simone Heurich

“Believe me or not but this is very much based on reality. :D!!


Core Reset program and Stephanie’s method helped me to heal, not only my digestive system but also, what I would call a chronic “metabolic and hormonal mess with insomnia”-problem in my body. All that in a very short time. I learned about amazing essential oils, herbs and minerals, which I will certainly continue to use to heal myself. The program also introduced a variety of valuable information sources for better health and knowledge of how to heal body holistically. Thank you Stephanie.”

Katariina Majander,

When you use what you learned in Functional
Probiotics Foundations you can create step-by-step
unique and customized programs that take people
from point A to point B with confidence.
  • Create your own customized Candida plans that are unique to you
  • Create step-by-step systems for resistant bacteria
  • Know what to ask right in the beginning
  • Use done-for-you resources
  • Be able to improvise with new clients and situations
  • Receive a Functional Probiotics Foundations certificate
  • Be featured on the Functional Probiotics Practitioners’ website during your membership, making it easy for your colleagues to refer to you and for new clients to find you
  • Receive three months of mentorship, support and up-to-date information through the Functional Probiotics Syndicate so that you can always be cutting edge

Who Is a Good Fit for Functional Probiotics Foundations:
Solutions for Practitioners?

  • Herbalists
  • Health Coaches
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Chiropractors
  • Naturopaths
  • Energy Workers
  • Fermentation Experts
  • Nurses
  • Feldenkrais Practitioners
  • Health Experts
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Body Workers
  • Nutrition Experts
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Essential Oil Experts

I’m not going to lie to you, this program assumes you have an understanding of the anatomy and function of the digestive system. You can always set up a 15 minute chat with me HERE to see if you should join now or what to do instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the modules be available?

-The modules will be made available monthly, with the kick-off group call starting February 7th

When is the workshop?

-In April with a recording if you cannot make it live

Do I need to already have a practice?

-Nope. Let this program add to your area of expertise

How long will the program last?

-Five modules, five months

How long will I have access?

-You will have access to this program as long as the site exists including program updates

How much time will this take?

-This will take approximately 90 minutes weekly with the expectation that you will want to follow along in a dedicated space. You can also download the modules and take them with you for your run, drive or other activities.

I’m really confused about probiotics. Is that ok?

-This program is designed to break things down to what is actually useful and as much as I like geeking out I’m not interested in overcomplicating matters

I don’t have a practice. Can I use this information to help my family?

-Yes. I use this information and hope that you will use this information to take charge of your family’s digestive health.


Yes! I want to know more to sign up for Functional Probiotics Foundations



Functional Probiotics Foundations – Solutions for Practitioners

4 instalments of 597
Or invest in full for only 1997
5 units of core content 5 units of core content 5 units of core content
16 PDF chapters 16 PDF chapters 16 PDF chapters
16 mp3 modules 16 mp3 modules 16 mp3 modules
450 minutes of mentoring time 450 minutes of mentoring time 450 minutes of mentoring time
3 Months Membership in the Functional Probiotics Syndicate 3 Months Membership in the Functional Probiotics Syndicate 3 Months Membership in the Functional Probiotics Syndicate
Digestive Herbal Bonus Digestive Herbal Bonus Digestive Herbal Bonus
One-day Probiotic Planning Workshop One-day Probiotic Planning Workshop Microbiome Series Bonus (Skin, Oral, Vaginal microbiomes)
Core Reset Program for client or yourself
3-day Probiotic Program Planning Workshop LIVE or via Zoom or recording
Three 90-minute one-on-one calls with Steph
Only 3 more seats available
Book a 20 minute consultation with Steph to find out if this PRO version is right for you
4 instalments of 597
Or invest in full for only 1997
Invest in full

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