Wild and Grounded Green Smoothie

Let’s rock this. So of course I am going to take as many of the antihistamine strategies that I can conceive of and put them together in as pleasing of a manner as I possibly can. Keeping it easy and keeping it wild, there are substitutions if you don’t have all of the ingredients on hand. This smoothie is gingery and delicious but it is NOT for the faint of heart.


Is this for real? Yes! This is a hard core antihistamine smoothie that I developed just for you (ok and me). Mooring can inhibit about 70% of histamine production. Ginger is a great anti- inflammatory which I find helpful for my seasonal allergies. Nettle does contain histamine in the stingers but the leaves also contain powerful antihistamine compounds. Watercress can help to stabilize the Mast cells and decrease histamine production. I like the spiciness it adds to the smoothie. Pomegranate, dandelion, holy basil and echinacea also have antihistamine properties and the fruits in this smoothie were chosen because they were low or very low in histamines. If you can get mangosteen juice it has many properties beyond its histamine reducing ones. It can be very stabilizing for the immune system. The sour cherry is high in quercetin and a good replacement for onions/garlic, the usual quercetin sources, which were really not fitting into this green drink at all! I chose to use green tea extract here because in order to get the antihistamine benefits from the tea itself I would have had to add too much liquid. You could choose to use matcha powder instead or leave it out.

You may choose to sweeten this with stevia or yacon or another choice of sweeteners and if so don’t worry 🙂 These ingredients were not chosen for their gentle tastiness but for their springtime allergy busting power. Enjoy!



Nettle (2 C fresh or replace with spinach) Watercress (1 C can replace with parsley) Ginger (2 small nubs or 2 T juice)
Hemp seeds (2 T)

Coconut milk (1/2 C)
Mango, frozen or fresh (1/2 C) Pomegranate (1/2 C seeds or 1/4 C juice) Dandelion greens (1/4 C)
Holy Basil OR Echinacea tea (1.5 C) Mangosteen juice (1/4 C if available)
Tart cherry juice (2 T optional)
Moringa (1-2 tsp optional)
Green tea extract (1 t optional)
Stevia or Yacon syrup to taste
Lemon EO (optional 4 drops)



If you don’t have something, substitute what you do have
Blend until as smooth as possible
Taste and adjust for sweetness


Hard Core Add-ins: Reishi spore oil, 5 drops
Black cumin seed oil 1/4 – 1/2 tsp Turmeric (small piece)

Lactobacillus plantarum or Bifidobacterium powder


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