Respiratory Recovery

I am excited to be heading out on my fourth trip since Christmas, this time to somewhere warmer! I will be visiting Austin Texas for the Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner’s Retreat…. but there is a problem. I have not recovered from the respiratory virus I picked up on my last trip and I should KNOW better. I know exactly what I COULD have done to ward off the cold and what I COULD do right now to help my recovery. Since I have failed to take my own advice up to this point I have created a video where I give myself some tough love. Watch this video also for some very effective cold remedies that you can find even in the middle of nowhere or in your host’s cupboard when you are not in control of your environment. Enjoy and stay healthy!


  • You sure look like you were having fun giving yourself advice! 🙂 I paused to video several times to take notes. It sounded like you side something between “reishi mushroom” and “Vitamin C”, but I couldn’t understand. Please let me know. Also what kind of mustard and how much, how often would you recommend taking mustard? I’ve heard Dr. Ritamarie tell the “6-raw garlic glove” story. How does one get them down?
    Also would you give more details on the essential oils – how much, how often, and how do I consume the Thieves and Oregano?
    I love your suggestion of using the goldenseal, myrrh &cayenne powders in capsules!

    • Hi there Nancy! I usually bring the Thieves with me when I go somewhere like on the plane or to a conference so that I can rub it on my hands or put it behind my ears 🙂 I know some people do take the thieves in a capsule with olive oil by making their own veggie caps. Same thing with the oil of oregano. When I take the oil of oregano I take only two or three drops with olive oil in a caplet because I find that it is a very strong “medicine” and it is kind of overused. If I were to do the thieves I would do just one drop and then see how that feels and mix it with olive oil. I tried it in water and oooooh it was pretty strong I think because of the cloves.

      I would just use whatever mustard they had on hand but of course the more clean and strong the better. I would do this every hour or so. It certainly clears the sinuses and kills some of the bad guys.

      The reishi I was saying to “make an elixir” with it. Like by mixing it with carob and coconut and warm water yum!

      For the vitamin C I like to use the liposomal kind so that it doesn’t cause any digestive … issues. That way I can get a big enough load of it to help me with my cold without having it cause any other symptoms.

      Thank you for your comment! I have just discovered how to edit and approve my comments how embarrassing 🙂 Take care.

  • AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this answer!

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