Orange and Rosemary Marmalade


Blend goji berries with 1/2 C filtered water, salt, sugar and probiotic powder
Slice oranges very very thinly and cut into quarters
Chop the rosemary leaves finely
Mix all ingredients together by hand and pour or spoon into a jar. Try to keep the orange pieces from poking up

Organic oranges – 4
1/2 C filtered water
1/4 C soaked goji berries
1/4 C coconut sugar
2T rosemary
1T sea salt
1/2 tsp your favourite probiotic powder OR 1/4 cup yogurt “starter”

-To make your starter ferment 1L coconut water, almond milk or any other nut/seed milk overnight with
through the liquid. You may have to tamp them down or push them under the goji liquid.

Cover your ferment with an airlock if available. If not then make sure you check on your concoction periodically while you are brewing it to prevent explosions 😉

Leave your marmalade to ferment in a warm place for 2-3 days (just as if you were fermenting yogurt). Taste it and see if you like the flavour as it ages. The liquid may become clearer, more translucent over this period.

1/2 tsp of your favourite probiotic. You can use this “starter” to make 16 batches of yogurt or 16 new starters and 256 batches of yogurt. Math. Is good

Optional: Fresh very thinly sliced ginkgo leaves

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