Immunity Pesto

leaf rThis recipe is loaded with immune boosting nutrients from the red bell pepper, purple kale, brazil nuts and lemon.  There is also the added support of the antibacterial elements in the basil and garlic that have been used for millennia in herbal medicine against bacteria.  To top it off if you can get your hands on an unpasteurized miso and use it here you will be adding beneficial bacteria to your delicious and colourful meal.  I love this one!


3/4 C red bell pepper

1/2 C purple kale

1/2 C purple basil (or regular basil if there is none available)

1/3 C brazil nuts

1/4 C pine nuts

2 T flax oil (you can use olive oil for a more neutral taste)

1/4 t Himalayan salt

1 clove garlic, chopped

1 T light miso, your favourite type

1 T lemon juice

Pepper to taste

Optional:  pinch cayenne


Pulse Brazil/pine nuts and chopped garlic in the food processor until broken down.

Add remaining ingredients and combine in the food processor until desired texture is achieved.

Taste and adjust for salt if necessary.

Toss with or massage into zucchini noodles, carrot noodles or raw veggies of choice, garnish and serve.


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