Do you know someone who has difficulty tolerating histamines in foods? Maybe they react to fruits or carrots but it’s not a “true allergy” and they have difficulty digesting red wine and other fermented foods? Thank you Carrie for your question this week there are not many people talking about this but I truly believe that your question will help others. With spring just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere your timing couldn’t be more right! Enjoy the video, I look forward to your comments below.


  • Always enjoy the videos. So much to learn. BUT: no bloopers or bursts of laughing at the end of this one? Or did I miss that part?

    • oh no! People watch those? My videographer says sometimes I’m really focused. No funny business. I wonder what that says about the rest of the time. Time for some foods for brain health!

  • Steph, your information is always so practical and helpful! I tend to tuck this great strategy into my back pocket for those clients who might complain of this histamine-sensitivity issue. And, of course, your gernal rule of thumb ratio on the 2 primary types of bacteria is useful for EVERYONE! Thanks so much for all of your amazing and insightful information, along with your beautiful smile and enthusiasm. 🙂

  • Hi Steph!
    I really enjoyed this video. I purchased a probiotic with bifidum plus FOS. With the information you gave me, I was able to confidently purchase a probiotic powder (Bluebonnet). Since taking it, I was able to release some stubborn candida in my stool and reduce some inflammation in my gut! I plan to make some yogurt using this powder. Thank you for this valuable information. I don’t know that I would have figured this out on my own. You are awesome!

    • Thank you Toni! How is it going now with your yogurt. Did it work? How did it taste AND how do you feel?

  • Knocked my socks off with knowdelge!

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