Wild Summer Detox Retreat

dhaniyaJoin me for a week of hiking and gentle detox in North Vancouver. We will harvest wild edibles and incorporate them into healthy anti-inflammatory detoxifying meals.

By the end of this week you will be lighter on your feet, you will have seen some amazing mountains that are rare and beautiful. You will be more beautiful too.

We will kick off this week with a hike and a group coaching session focused on raw, wild foods. We will have coaching calls to keep us together during the week and then we will finish off the week with one more hike and a group health assessment so that we can each celebrate how far we have come.

This will be limited to a small group of five people so that we will each be able to get the most out of our hiking experience.

Contact me for accommodations in North Vancouver.

This will be a tight group and a life changing experience.

Announcement in late July, contact me for more information.

Brain Food

As the school year rolls around again each time we make resolutions. This year let’s turn brain foodthose resolutions into solutions. You will leave this class with the ability to prepare a variety of mineral-rich plant-based raw recipes for those you love. You will leave this class with ten snack bar recipes, good to go for those morning breaks, ten juice recipes that are great for kids and grown ups too, ten dip recipes for those veggie sticks, ten lunch salad recipes and over thirty lunch box theme ideas that can carry you through the year.

Create those special touches that show how much you care when you cannot be there. Feed yourself and your children brain food at lunch so you can power through your afternoon and have the stamina to enjoy your time together even after 4 pm.

This will be a live one-day workshop in Vancouver where we will learn to make easy and awesome recipes and you will go home with some amazing goodies, tools and a plan for continuing the healthy lunches throughout the year for your loved ones and yourself.

This will be an intimate class with a maximum of twenty participants.

Announcement in late August, contact me me for more information.

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