Cowboy Spice Rub


Chill powder  3 T
Cacao nibs, crushed with a mortar and pestle  3 T
Carob (or cacao) infused pulse flakes 3 T
Maqui powder (optional but awesome) 2 T
Paprika 2 T
Mustard 1 T
Black pepper, coarsely ground 1 T
Coriander 2 t
Oregano 1 t
Ginger powder 1 t
Chipotle powder (couldn’t resist)1 t
Garlic powder 1 t
Optional:  10 capsules Megaspore (or less)

To make the Carob or Cacao Infused Dulse Flakes:
Add 1/4 C Dulse flakes and 1/4 C carob to a jar, shake to mix and leave for 24-48 hours at room temperature for the Dulse to soak up a bit of that yummy chocolatey flavour.

Optional – Shake your Dulse flakes through a sieve after they have infused to separate the loose cacao or carob powder.  I did this because I wanted a more flakey texture.

Mixing Instructions:
Mix all the powders together.  If you don’t have something SUBSTITUTE what you have in small amounts and taste to see if you like it.
If using Megaspore capsules you can simply empty them into the mixture and stir well.  They should be stable at room temperature for several weeks.
I keep mine in the fridge just in case OR throw it in my purse when going out or on the road/plane.

Ingredients in the original product (for interest sake)
Brown sugar
Espresso salt
Black pepper
Garlic powder


  • how do you use this?:)Please
    Thank you

    • oh my gosh! Best question ever! So I guess I neglected to mention that in the recipe 🙂

      I use mine for sprinkling on salads, particularly when I’m out, I use it in the kitchen as a marinade with lemon juice and a bit of flax oil and last but not least I use it on sprouted nuts that are about to be dehydrated. I’m sure you could find other ways to use it depending on what you like to eat. The one that I copied was some kind of coffee meat rub and to be honest I have no idea what a meat rub does 🙂 but I imagine you could use this to season tempeh or the like too :). Thank you for asking for clarification that helps me!

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