Cheesy Asparagus Soup

It is March!!  I am getting ready to plant some asparagus.  Having never planted asparagus before I have learned that I will not be able to harvest any until the summer of 2016 but I know it will be fantastic.  In the meantime I will head out as soon as it is in season and make myself a bowl of

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Broccoli Quinoa Bowl

Enjoy this broccoli bowl with your favourite movie and pair of fuzzy socks or with chopsticks and a friend on the beach.  It is best to sprout the quinoa just until little tails appear but not until they get too long.  I like mine after 24 hours.  If using sprouted quinoa this recipe would take 24 hours to sprout and

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Arugula Pesto

This Arugula Pesto is fast and easy, can be made with any greens including wild edibles and can be used for anything from topping zucchini noodles to layering on top of raw crackers to stuffing baby tomatoes (my favourite).  I really love the spiciness and freshness of baby arugula and now on the 1st of February am already starting to

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