Blackberry Cardamom Smoothie

clip_imageThis recipe is easy to make in the morning and features Cardamom which has been shown to be effective against Staph bacteria that have shown resistance to antibiotics.  While it is not the most potent of the anti-microbial herbs I would argue that it is among the most tasty.  It has also been shown to reduce nausea.

This recipe is great if you can tolerate blackberries.  If you cannot please consider using more spinach, soaked blended chia and Medicine Flower Blackberry Extract.


• 1 cup blackberries, fresh or frozen
• ½ teaspoon cardamom
• 1 cup spinach, packed
• 2 tablespoons aloe vera, fresh gel, optional
• 2 tablespoons hemp seeds
• 3 drops stevia, to taste
• water, as needed


Blend and serve!
(Makes 3 cups)

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