Cowboy Spice Rub

Ingredients Chill powder  3 T Cacao nibs, crushed with a mortar and pestle  3 T Carob (or cacao) infused pulse flakes 3 T Maqui powder (optional but awesome) 2 T Paprika 2 T Mustard 1 T Black pepper, coarsely ground 1 T Coriander 2 t Oregano 1 t Ginger powder 1 t Chipotle powder (couldn’t resist)1 t Garlic powder 1

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Probiotics for the Nervous System

The nervous system and digestive system are intricately interwoven.  With so much talk about the vagus nerve online and on google it is really important to explore all of the ways the digestive and nervous systems are connected to avoid the one-problem one-solution idea.  Cause you know when you think there is only one problem and one solution then you miss stuff

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Blackberry Lemon Balm Popsicles

Easy peasy and so good!  Blackberry lemon balm popsicles that are probiotic!!  Smooth, cool and delicious.  You don’t need a popsicle mould if you have containers or cups.  Don’t let anything stop you from fermenting foods and enjoying them. Ingredients: 2 C your home made yogurt (link to recipe) 1 C fresh blackberries or raspberries 1/4 C lemon balm Scant

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