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The Detangling Spray for Digestive Distress

I give you my system for understanding and resolving microbial imbalances of the digestive tract, the same system that I use for developing group and customized digestive programs for tough cases. Find out more and get on the waiting list HERE

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What Clients are Saying

  • Barbara Dolan, Ontario, Canada

    When I first met Steph, I was just beginning my recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury. Things were not going well for me at all. With Steph’s help, I was able to make some major changes to my diet and to the supplements I was taking and I began feeling better quite quickly. Her knowledge about the different tests available and how to read the results was invaluable to me and made all of the difference to the speed of my recovery. I am very grateful to Steph. Without her help I would still be struggling. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is feeling stuck in their current condition and needs a boost to get on track. Thank you Steph!
  • Jane Guyette, New Jersey

    I am trained as a colon hydrotherapist and knew that the various commercial probiotics in bottles and yogurt were not serving my clients. Steph Jackson was a lifesaver in helping me understand the actual balance in our gut. She is the expert in gut bacteria, a sorta superhero manning our defenses.
  • Kristi Rainwater Dallas, Texas

    I just want to thank Steph Jackson for her willingness and ability to help me in one of my darkest hours. As a nutritionist I already had a broad knowledge base but was still struggling with so many overwhelming issues and unknowns. I needed someone who could put all of the pieces of my puzzle together and come up with some initial steps to get me on track. Within the first visit she calmed my anxieties with her understanding of my very complex situation and she rapidly came up with a plan. This has been crucial to my healing journey and I know that Steph will be a life saver to many other struggling people as well. I am so blessed to have encountered such a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner.