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Non-Dairy Cheeses and Yogurts

Comfort Food With Probiotics. Have Your Cheese and Heal Your Body Too

Do you feel like you have tried everything and are still not getting the results you want?

If you are struggling with pain, inflammation or chronic conditions that there appear to be no answers for you are not alone. If you do not have the energy to get through the day or be there for your family, if you are struggling with weight issues or a lack of clarity you are not alone. If you have been told there is nothing anyone can do for you or that your pain is all in your head you are not alone. It's not in your head. It is not normal to be unable to live your life fully and you don't have to settle for that.
I now have the energy to play with my son and go for hikes. I now have the positive outlook to run my business and life from a place of optimism but it was not always that way. I spent years in the dark and at least one of those years in serious physical pain. I saw at least a dozen medical practitioners and even more complimentary holistic practitioners looking for answers and none of it made any difference. I have made my way through this and am now dedicated to helping vegans and raw foodies to get to the root of what is ailing them so that they can move forward and thrive. You already have the food part sorted out. We just need to know what is going on to make sure we tweak it to be just right for you.

People eating any type of diet can struggle with chronic issues that keep them from living their lives the way that they deserve to. Over the years of witnessing the lives around me change and being fortunate enough to help in some of them I have noticed three pitfalls that that can keep anyone's health down, even dedicated kale chompers. Maybe you have seen this too. The first mistake is the Save Me Syndrome, the second mistake is Wrong Focus. The biggest pitfall and one that we have been conditioned to make over and over again is an Empty Toolbox. We often do not have the tools necessary to study ourselves and learn what we truly need to reach our health goals. We learn very little about our health and about ourselves through our education and what we read in the popular press can be at best shallow and incomplete or at worst downright misleading.
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Do you know someone who is searching for a solution to their health problems? Does it seem like they are always searching, even jumping from solution to solution, from medication to spiritual practices to vegan to raw to Paleo to high carb? This is the Save Me Syndrome. None of us are totally immune to this. We have been taught to search for the answer outside ourselves, to ask doctors or gurus or anyone in a position of authority for help and then take their advice no matter what. This is of course not about the person who is on life saving medication or who has a dislocated shoulder. I'm pretty sure I would be shouting "Save Me!" among other expletives if my arm was broken. The Save Me Syndrome is about searching for a solution for a chronic condition and not finding one. When we think of taking our health in our own hands we are afraid. Are you afraid now? Our lives are set up this way and we are conditioned to be afraid of breaking free from the factory. Sometimes we hear that there is nothing that "they" can do for us and indeed.... there is nothing they can do. We alone have the power to save our lives, to live them. Let us not squander the stewardship of ourselves. Let us stand together, each of us firmly on our own two healthy feet (bare feet if you got 'em).

The effects of Save Me Syndrome can range from people being medicated for conditions they don't have to being told that there isn't anything physically wrong with them because nobody can find it. In these situations people may be overmedicated or even treated for mental illness because it is all "in their mind". People may give up on working with their doctors, give up on the "system" or eventually give up on themselves.

The second biggest pitfall that can effect even the kale munchers is Wrong Focus. This can happen when someone starts out on a new path of eating and focuses exclusively on the food and what is in the food. In the case of inflammation for example, which is dear to my heart, we cannot solve the problem most of the time by focusing on anti-inflammatory foods alone. Looking at the mechanisms of inflammation and all of the contributing factors is usually very important. Food is paramount but there is more. Wrong Focus occurs when the search for health is focused on the foods and other contributing factors get missed. What is worse is that when people continue to suffer symptoms with Wrong Focus the diet gets the blame when the searcher may already be doing a great job with their foods. They may continue to suffer for a lifetime. Wrong Focus has its benefits because with this much focus on food we are halfway to success. Anyone this focused on food will have far more knowledge than the average person. Where this can harm people though is when the solutions are not only in the food but in the processes, environment and lifestyles. Unfortunately most of us that reach out to food as medicine feel very alone and let down by the system so the Wrong Focus eater is doing all that they can to manage a very difficult situation.
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The biggest pitfall leading many people to struggle with pain, inflammation, exhaustion and other debilitating symptoms even on a Vegan diet is an Empty Toolbox. I have seen many people with the raw materials for health, vitality and freedom in their back pocket yet that do not have a set of skills to learn about their bodies, what is happening, what their predispositions are and how they are reacting to different foods, environments and other triggers. This is what we didn't learn in kindergarten and what our grandmothers no longer teach us. The best thing about filling your toolbox is that those tools are there for a lifetime and I sincerely want yours to be a long one.

Take this opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to take your health beyond pain management. I am excited to help you crack the code of your health. Bit by bit you can discover your own secrets and step into your ideal life, your way. Take advantage of my years of learning how to talk to my doctors about my labs, learning how to extract nutrients from my food and absorb them as well as possible. Take years off of your struggle by learning the key things that are setting you back despite all of the hard work you have done. Take years off of your journey by allowing my steps and missteps to set you on the right track and help you to balance and heal your body systems.
There are plenty of solutions on the internet for pain, fatigue and inflammation. If you look around you may just find that they are mostly solutions designed to be sold to people who want to be saved or are jumping from solution to solution. There are pills, powders and potions all over the place but you have been through it. You are smarter than that now. You no longer want a bandaid approach to your health. You are also not interested in following a diet system that was designed by someone else no matter how many followers they have on twitter. You are ready to prioritize yourself and your health like never before.

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